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Refugees project: A New Home #SoThatItWontBeOnlyWords

More and more people are forced to leave their homes as a result of war, political and economic situations that threaten their daily lives, the lives of their children, families and loved ones.

Spain undertook to host more than 170,000 persons. Last year, more than 1,000 person came to our country searching for refuge, a place where they could feel safe, away from the daily threat of not knowing what was waiting for them and hoping to have a better future.

Although the road was very hard to arrive, that does not end there, they still have more challenges to face in a foreign country, where they need to get ahead.

In the project A NEW HOME/UN NUEVO HOGAR, Diaconía with its member entities, serve more than 200 refugees who are about to arrive to Spain.

Not only we want to give them the opportunity, but also the tools that help them start over, to face that reality that is not visible to all but in fact it is there.



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If you need further information or have any query, please contact us on:

  • dima.alyassin@diaconia.es
  • Presidencia@diaconia.es



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